Monday, December 06, 2004

Jens Lekman...

Pure pop today, friends. Jens Lekman is a young Swedish pop genius who's put out a number of records. His most recent record is When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog. It's a breezy piece of orchestrated pop. I almost want to say that he's updating classic lounge singers like Tom Jones or Burt Bacharach but I'm afraid I'm going to scare people off and Jens is really good stuff. He deserves some state side listening. One of the writers at Stylus has been singing his praises for months. I finally got around to listening and I'm quite charmed. The 2 songs here are each from previous EPs that were released just before Dog. They're indicative of his style but I'd say the full length is generally better. I like the way he plays with electronic music, fusing it with classic songwriting and live instrumentation. He's as apt to want you to dance as to sing-a-long.

Black Cab

Rocky Dennis Farewell Song to the Blind Girl


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