Friday, December 03, 2004

The King Of France

As is want to happen to me sometimes, I wasted about 3 1/2 hours of my morning a couple of days ago with the help of Songs:Illinois. Craig had posted a really great song by a band called One Star Hotel (which by the way I've ordered from Miles of Music thus proving that I'm not a total CD whore) which also mentioned a band called Maplewood (they play really great 70's style rock, big harmonies, chiming guitars) which in turn led me to a band called The King Of France. The King of France play what I would call classic pop. You can hear the Beatles, Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield influence all over the songs, but there's also something modern about what they're doing. Perhaps it's the world weary lyrics and tone of the lead singer "Steve" or the fact the songs echo the Pixies and Court & Spark as much as the more classic references I already mentioned. They're currently working on a record that as near as I can tell isn't finished yet. However, you can go over to the iTunes music store and download 6 songs from their unfinished album. That's where I got these three tracks (see again, I paid for the music). So go on over to iTunes and download the songs after getting a little taste here. It's only $5.99. They've also got some demos on their website which are good. And again I'm giving you the opportunity to get on the bus before everyone else. Their melody heavy pop is already capturing the hardened, jaded hearts of their hometown of New York. Have a great weekend.

From their as yet untitled album:

Sick of the Life

Future Killer

The Beast


Blogger Craig said...

Sorry to cause such timewasting. I'm listening to Kings of France as we write.

11:11 AM  

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