Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Bottom Of The Hudson...

Bottom Of The Hudson are one of a myriad bands slugging it out in the clubs and bars of our fine country making a wonderous racket for the discerning ears of a very few. Sure, their story is played out over and over by any number of deserving bands making good music keeping their fingers crossed for some semblance of a break. Signed to one of my favorite labels Absolutely Kosher which released the slightly amazing 2 records from Okay, BOTH has just released their second effort Song From The Barrel Commando which got a very good review from Pop Matters today. Myself I'm more familiar with their last effort The Omaha Record which is a great hyrid of Velvet Undergroundesque drone and stomp, folk pop, and Dino Jr. like indie guitar rage. It's a very diverse set of songs and while that sounds a bit clinical it's meant as a great compliment.

3 songs from Bottom Of The Hudson:

Chilling Sorcerer. From The Omaha Record

Motorcaid. Also from TOR.

One Of Us.


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