Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The '89 Cubs...

The truth must be told. I've been a tad indifferent to the '89 Cubs. It's not they aren't good, they've certainly got the pedigree boasting members of Bright Eyes, The Good Life and Desaparacidos, but I was underwhelmed by the music. It just seemed so...replaceable despite being on the same label as Velvet Teen. Modest Mouse meet '89 Cubs, '89 Cubs meet Blink 182, etc. etc. It's the indie rockers indie rock. I listened a few times and stopped paying attention. Then about 3 weeks ago someone said something to the effect of "you fucking elitist snob, give it another listen, it's fun". And you know what? It is fun. Fun in the way that Good News For People Who Love Bad News is fun. Melodic, jagged, indie rock fun. I've come around to the darkside. I'll let you judge for yourself.

2 songs from 2004's There Are Giants In The Earth:

Oh, The Things We Put In Our Heads

Sorry Tornado


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