Thursday, March 31, 2005

Ray's Vast Basement

I've always loved the name of this SF based band. Primarily the work of Jon Bernson but he's also helped by SF all star Jesse Denatale among others. The album is On The Banks Of The Time and is a melange of mellow pop, jazz, and alt-country. The band has always been striving to create a myth around their music. There's often a narrative story line running through songs, the CD's contain booklets, there's a cast of characters. It's more than an album, much more like a project with a literary spin to it. There's a kinship here to Dylan, John Prine and the story first aesthetic. If you live in the SF Bay Area you can catch them live every Saturday in April at the Shelton Theater @ 533 Sutter St.

This is well thought out, vibrant music.

2 Songs from 2000's On The Banks Of The Time:

Letter From Earth

Swan Of Vancouver

2 songs from 2003's By A River Burning Blue:

With Your Stone



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