Monday, March 21, 2005

Morning Spy...

I like the local bands. The bay area has such a thriving and, of late, overlooked music scene that I should really being doing my part to let everyone know how much quality stuff is going on around here. To that end I bring you a few tracks by SF band Morning Spy. These guys are putting out quality pop music that touches on everything from the awkwardly named dream pop to folk to alt-countryish excursions to swirling psyche rock. Their album The Silver Age was released in Febraury on Keep Recordings all the work was pretty much done here in SF at Tiny Telephone Studios. Vocalis Jon Rooney's voice sounds a lot like David Berman of The Silver Jews and, now that I think of it, the production style (particularly the way the guitars sound) is also very reminiscent of The Silver Jews.

This is record is chock full of good tunes and while I get the feeling that this isn't necessarily the record that's going to put this band on the proverbial map, there's so much potential and talent here that it deserves repeated listening.

2 from The Silver Age:

Voices And Vigils

Princess Vancouver


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