Monday, March 14, 2005

Sonny Smith...

Here's yet another singer songwriter operating here in the SF Bay Area. If memory serves correct, Sonny Smith is a resident of Oakland, and from there he pens narratives of broken hearts and slight skewed souls. Sonny's voice reminds me of Vic Chestnutt (that's a compliment as far as I'm concerned) and his lyrical prowess reminds me of David Berman of the Silver Jews. I think this post follows the Catalpa Boys very well as Sonny Smith also pens mellow, folk based songs.

Pay attention to the lyrics with this one. He's a very good writer and able to turn a phrase in a clever way. Sonny's record is released on Jackpine Social Club who've been fighting the good fight for local SF bands for quite awhile. Support Sonny and Jack Pine Social Club by purchasing his desk direct from theirf website.

Lots of interesting music coming up this week. Enjoy Sonny Smith.

2 from his record This Is My Story, This Is My Song:

Way To Go

Life In Flames


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