Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blonde Redhead...

I only wish I could say that I was on the original bandwagon that paraded around the indie rock infield shouting through a bullhorn that people must hear Blonde Redhead, but I wasn't so I can't. I'm late to this party. That certainly doesn't diminish my love of their cd Misery Is A Butterfly. For once all the hyperbolic praise from the critics was pretty right on (which reminds me, you know I like Arcade Fire's Funeral even loved it at times but it hasn't had the legs that I though it would)). Misery Is A Butterfly may well be one of those records where a band gets everything right. I understand that early efforts by the band were noisy, cacaphonic affairs. You wouldn't know it here. This album is focused, melodic, interesting, varied. Beggars Group has scored another one when you take into consideration how crazy I am for The National.

Swirling, psychedlic keys and guitars, haunting female vocals, very much what we've come to expect from a 4AD band. delicious.

2 from Misery Is A Butterfly:


Misery Is A Butterfly


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! I'm a huge fan of bassist Skuli Sverrisson (who plays with Blonde Redhead) but I havn't listened much to BR. Thanx for getting me started!



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