Monday, April 11, 2005


There's not much info about Cropduster out there. I'm talking about the California Cropduster, not the band of the same name that hails from the east coast. The Petaluma, CA Cropduster was thoroughly Americana, playing a brand of country rock that touched Neil Young as well as Uncle Tupelo. They put out a great record in 1999 called A Strange Sort Of Prayer. It was and is a great record filled with gentle moments and rocking loud guitars. It's a remarkably assured record for a bunch of kids banging away on their first record. Much of the credit probably goes to the assured writing of Andrew Asp and his raspy voice which imbues the songs with an authenticity that they may or may not deserve. I believe they've since broken up. Can't find much beyond this record. Anyway this has long been a favorite of mine, hopefully you'll find somthing special about it as well.

2 songs from A Strange Sort Of Prayer:

A Man Doesn't Cry



Blogger Ick said...

Great stuff, especially "A Man Doesn't Cry". How do you find all these great artists? I was forced to pay homage to your site on my blog. Thanks for the great tunes. Right up my alley.


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