Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Oranger is another San Francisco band that's recorded for the alcohol sodden folks at Jack Pine Social Club. The band is repeatedly described as playing a retro psychedelic 60's loving California sun infused rock (ok some of that I made up). I suppose you can hear some of the Beatles trippier moments here and sure there's lots of fuzz loaded guitars (and I do find myself saying "groovy" alot when I listen to their record). But what sticks out to me are melody, quirky instrumentation, harmonies and craft. These guys have been working on their sound for a long time and it shows particularly on their last album 2003's Shut Down The Sun which is highly recommended. These guys have done high profile tours with everyone from REM to Wilco to Elliott Smith. It's like they're always one single away from the "big time"; the old always the bridesmaid never the bride axiom may be applicable here. But none of that should detract from the songs.

2 songs from Shut Down The Sun

Going Under

Just A Little Dumb


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