Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Lake Trout...

Their website says that they're sound is dark subtle melodies and ethereal vocals. Yeah I suppose so, but really that simply rock. I have absolutely nothing to base this on but my ear but I hear similarities (in the way that cousins can look similar but not like brothers and sisters) to The National. Lake Trout blasts seriously anthemic rock music that doesn't seem to hide from the fact that there's some U2 records in the crate back home. But it's seriously more complex than anything U2 has done. Sure, it's pop/rock music but it does its damn best to reach back and touch everything from 70's prog rock to snippets of modern electro and hip hop (but not in a corny way that makes you yech). And it's catchy as all hell. I've been cranking this shit up for the last couple of days and I must say that one of its best attributes is that it not only grabs initially but also gets better with successive listens. None of this "it grows on you" shit. It's jsut there.

Not Them, You drops on Sept. 13th. If there's a little justice in the world it will make a bigger splash than frickin' Wolfie Face Frog Tongue Parade or whatever they're called.

2 songs from Not Them, You:

Street Fighting Man (Stones cover)

Now We Know


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