Friday, January 06, 2006

Various + Some Tailors

Well the beard is coming along nicely if you think of nicely as something akin to a large tract of forest about a month after a major fire. I'm sticking it out thought because I've decided that every man needs to grow a beard before he turns 40 and frankly i'm running out of time.

Way back in 2005 (remember those days before we commuted via jet pack and all had video iPods so we could watch "Lost" instead of looking anyone square in the eyes) I posted a couple tracks from a british band doing a great imitation of Neil Young. They're called The Tailors and I thought i'd check in to see what was going on because they had a song called Telephones that I really liked. Well they're still at it and still playing a straightforward though enjoyable brand of alt-coutnry that isn't exactly groundbreaking but is still well done. Sometimes you just need to hear the pedal steel weep, ya know wot ah mean? Here are a couple more tracks (I think more recent) from The Tailors:

Giddy And Maudlin

Your Voice

Also if you have about 7 hours and the inclination some enterprising soul has compiled a Top 50 videos of 2005. Some really cool stuff here and well worth at least a scan through: Top 50 Vids of 2005.

Kill it this weekend my friends.


Blogger howard said...

I'm particularly fond of you can't choose the ones that you love myself.
Nice blokes too.

3:36 AM  
Blogger EBATW said...

Accepting new types of technology (video ipods) and the possibilities that it offers (portable family movies and grandma loves that), is a bit like stretching your musical “boundaries”.

PER: A new album or song may take a few listens before it actually starts to become part of your daily fabric or before you actually realize how it resonates emotionally.

I should know as person who at one time hated candy colored imacs, cotemporary VW bugs, Forest Gump and messenger bags on the back of south park dot-comers.

Those things don’t bother me any more.

1:57 PM  

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