Friday, December 09, 2005

The Compilation Post...

Sometimes escaping into the anonymity of a compilation is perfect for those of us that are musically ADD. There are times when I just can't keep focused on an entire new record. Lately I've been bouncing on and off Cass McCombs never quite being able to sink my teeth into it. My solution is to start listening to the various compilations that I've been sent. The nice thing about a compilation is you're not committed to anything on it. My finger is on the next button and if the song doesn't hit me it's on to the next. Musical sluttiness.

So first off is 20 Nights Of Wine And Song from Greyday Productions. Greyday is responsible for disparate and fine indie rock promoting Consafos, Bronwyn and Minmae. The compilation runs the gamut from electro pop to drone. Strong stuff.

Minmae - Box Of Cassettes

I picked up a fine british music tabloid called Comes With A Smile. With Frank Black on the cover and extensive interviews with Richard Buckner, Laura Veirs, American Analog Set and a Cd full of rare and unreleased tracks as well I just couldn't pass it up. It's been a good listen and really great read. I recommend tracking it down. The lenght of the interviews alone make it a bit different than most music mags. It's like every artist gets a full feature. Nice.

Frank Black - Atlantis

Have a good weekend.


Blogger SMc said...

yeah, it's a shame that the next edition of CWAS is unfortunately going to be the last...

2:54 AM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

I did a little music review a few weeks ago
music reviews are not entirely my thing
but the new Madonna record was so great I had to make mention of it on my blog
what can I say....
I am a Pop Star!

had my 20th HS reunion a few weeks back'
it was good to see some familiar faces
got to talk to many people I had never spoken to before
an interesting night
definitely an interesting night
not life changing
but a good nice
and a bit of a milestone


6:06 PM  
Blogger gwadzilla said...

oh the music tip...

some friends of mine will be releasing a cd in a bit
I was thinking that they should send it out to you and perhaps some other music bloggers
not sure what you listen to these days
it is electronic yet very organic
describing music is not my thing
get back to me and I will send them your way when these cds get off the presses

6:07 PM  

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