Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Black Sheep Boys Redux...

Arriving on Nov. 22 is Okkervil River's Black Sheep Boy Appendix a 7 song EP of sorts that acts as a nice little addendum to the record. Of course Black Sheep Boy will probably be my record of the year so anything new by Okkervil is always welcome. What's surprised me with "Appendix" is how strong and developed the songs are. With an after thought EP you usually get some interesting B-sides and outtakes, maybe a demo version of a song on the record, but "Appendix" is a complete reimagining of the BSB aesthetic. The songs are lusher full of strings and beautifully odd touches. It's such a well realized set of songs that I can't really figure out if these are BSB outtakes or left over songs that were rerecorded between tours with a fresh eye. Whatever. It's good. Perhaps my general love for this band is blinding me a bit but this EP is easily as engaging at the record.

1 Song from "Appendix":

Black Sheep Boy #4

In other news: I love the new Wilco live disc. I haven't been paying much attention to Tweedy and Co. for the last 2 years but this record has me back in the fold. Disc 2 is particularly nice.

In regards to my last post on Owen, I'm now obsessing on Mike Kinsella. I don't want that to sound weird but I Do Perceive and the EP are takin gup an inordinate amount of my listening time. His former band American Football ain't bad either.


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