Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Arizona Amp & Alterator...

Crap. How'd it get to be November and I've got no posts this month. Busy. Neglectful. Forgive me. I don't have anything sparkling new today so i'm posting on Howe Gelb's Arizona Amp & Alternator which was touched upon by the always excellent Songs Illinois. But it's what i've been listening to lately and I'm too tired to play the cooler than thou i've got the new releases before they're released game that I find myself doing sometimes. So this is what's been playing in the vehicle lately. I can't claim to be a huge Gelb fan, I think he's too self consciously oddball and that bugs me. The cool thing about AAA is that Gelb has brought Scout Niblett on board to sings She's kinda sexy cool and she lives in Oakland now. Her immaculate voice just kinda creeps in and out of Gelb's, hunts through the picking strings, soothes the rough spots. I think the song "Blue Marble Girl" is fucking excellent. I'd drive with my eyes closed while it played in the car if I could. Hope your well.

from Arizona Amp & Alternator's self titled album:

Blue Blue Marble Girl


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