Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Beautiful New Born Children...

The Beautiful New Born Children have a sound that belies the band's name. You may be expecting some synth focused new wave channeling dance band or perhaps a snappy indie pop out fit going the route of Belle And Sebastian. But what you get with their album (due Nov. 1) Hey People is all garage rock fire and brimstone. It's not a long record at just 9 songs in about 23 minutes, but what they lack in quantity they make up for with loud, passionate, fierce songs that don't necesarily give themselves over entirely to the garage band aesthetic but also seem to share common ground with the sound of the early The Jam. The sound of the band attacking their instruments with a sweat soaked abandon flows freely from the speakers. The sound isn't overly muddy, the production is crisp and, unlike a lot of the current crop of garage rock revivalists, the band seems to be relatively unselfconscious.

1 song from Hey People:

Paper Mill


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germanys best band,,

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