Friday, October 21, 2005

live Old 97's...

Old 97's don't have a new record out per se. They've recently released a live album called Alive & Wired that consists of 30 songs on two discs recorded over 2 nights at a pair of shows in Texas. If you've ever seen Old 97's live you know that the show they put on has few equals. Old 97's are a band that gives the audience absolutely everything that they can. They're performances are inevitably sweaty, exuberant, exciting displays of what a band can do when they put their mind to it. I think many fans have been waiting patiently for the band to release a live record in the hopes that it will show those uneducated in the power of Old 97's the light. Well, I generally don't like live records. I think that they're often doomed by muddy sound and the lack of a visual element that's so important in a live show. I'm pleased to report that I'm quite taken by Alive & Wired. I placed it in the CD player with dubiousness painted across my brow but came out the other side with a smile plastered to my mug. Alive & Wired is unmitigated success as a live album. The sound is excellent, the band's love of what they're doing and passion for their material shines through. It's just fun to listen to. With Wilco set to release their live album on November 15th it should make for an interesting compare and contrast. Yes, i'm a geek.

2 songs from Alive & Wired:

Lonely Holiday

Rollerskate Skinny

In regards to last night's well intentioned debacle that was the SF Weekly Music Awards. Our Lady Of The Highway got robbed. Straight up. And Rogue Wave is gonna be make some fucking noise with the new record. Check it.


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