Monday, November 07, 2005

Sun Kil Moon...

I absolutely loved Sun Kil Moon's Ghosts Of The Great Highway. Mark Kozeek did something really special with that record. I think a lot of people have been waiting patiently to see what would come next, I don't think anyone expected Tiny Cities. Consisting entirely of Modest Mouse covers the record is imminently listenable. While none of the songs are Kozelek's he has succcessfully, as he's done with other covers projects, given the songs a unque personal reading. It's easy to forget that you're listening to someone elses songs interpreted, not originals. That's perhaps the best praise you can give to a covers record. Kozelek, at the best points on Tiny Cities, makes me forget the original song. An odd but wonderful release.

1 song from Tiny Cities

Never Ending Math Equation

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