Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pinetop Seven...

I've been sitting on this Pinetop Seven record The Night's Bloom for awhile. I listened to it once and then it got buried under a bunch of CDs. It didn't make much of an impression aside from that it was faintly country tinged and sounded a lot like Lambchop. But I must admit that I do read Pitchfork. When I read their review I must admit that my interest got peaked. So I went and dug it up and began a rigorous campaign of listening. My bottom line is that this is indeed a damn good record. I think that it starts slow, lacking the songs that really hook you initially but what would be the 2nd half of the record is amazing. "A Page from The Desert" at over seven minutes long actually ends too soon, it's so engaging, dramatic, earnest, full of surprise. I gush. I suppose there's a country or Americana flavor to the record in the same way that Scud Mountain Boys Massachusetts has it, that is only peripherally and arguably more indebted to the sounds of AM radio than to Nashville. This has grown on me immeasurably, though I don't think it'll make my top ten which I need to post pretty soon.

1 song from The Night's Bloom:

His Aging Miss Idaho

I've got a butt load of Cds to listen to and post about so I think things will pick up a little bit around here though the holidays always make it hard. At the top of the pile is the new Cd from East River Pipe coming out on Merge Records. Stay close. Stay warm.


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