Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Where did I first hear about this band? It was definitely one of the fine blogs you'll probably spend some time reading today. I think it was My Old Kentucky Blog but I could be mistaken. There are so many. Anyway, whoever it was I owe a debt of gratitude to because Eagle*Seagull is a special band. Think about all the epic multi-membered (hey, get your mind out of the gutter) Canadian bands that have being coronated as the next big thing over the last three years. We're talking about Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, Frog Eyes, etc. etc. Now imagine an American band, having listened to fore mentioned bands a lot, integrates them as influences along with a slew of 80's new wave, the Velvet Underground and David Bowie and you get Eagle*Seagull. Aside from an unfortunate name which they're probably stuck with now, Eagle*Seagull's self titled debut album pretty much kicks ass. Don't fear it, embrace it. At times they sound like a more intelligent and adventuresome Coldplay which sounds like a back handed compliment but really isn't. Other times I find myself thinking about Sunset Rubdown. Despite forming in Lincoln, Nebraska they never make me think of Bright Eyes or The Faint. It can be argued that this is a good thing. I won't attempt to dissect the sonic pallette Eagle*Seagull, I'll just say that if you've ever considered trusting one of my recommendations make it this one.

From Eagle*Seagull:


Heal It/Feel It


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