Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bishop Allen...

bI've posted about Bishop Allen before (I think it was about a year aog) but the excellence of their new song warrants some follow up. If you didn't know, and you should, Bishop Allen (which is a Brooklyn band and not a person, but you can never tell these days, what with the kids and the crazy names) has been releasing an EP of songs every month. When said EP is ready they usually post one free download as a tantalizing taste. The June EP up for sale at the Bishop Allen website features a song called "The Same Fire" which is just great pop goodness and should be enjoyed and treasured for generations (which, as far as music goes, lasts about 16 minutes each these days). Cruise over to the website and check out all the free mp3s. All of which are uniformly excellent.

If you're too lazy here's a link to The Same Fire


Blogger T said...

Bishop Allen is a featured independent artist on KRFC, RadioFreeColorado. Wasn't aware of their ep-a-month project until I ran across your post. Thanks.

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