Thursday, June 23, 2005

Various Stuff...

Well, first of all it's summer time and the living is easy. Which is my way of saying that I'm going to be out and about visiting my far flung family for about 10 days so this will be my last post most likely until July 5th. If I can sneak something in from on the road I will, but realistically it's not likely. So you'll have to be without my insightful and witty observations for a little while. Somehow I think you'll manage. But in the meantime here's a bit of a mish mash of things I've been listening to and thinking about.

Item #1: I think that Clay Your Hand Say Yeah are for real. I've been listening to the 3 songs on their website for a while now and it's imminently enjoyable. These guys have been getting the Arcade Fire buzz styley but they may warrant it.

item #2: The current and only competitor with CYHSY for super hype 2005 must go to Wolf Parade. The sound is much more disonant. Check out the mp3 on the Subpop page.

item #3: The more I listen to the new Pernice Brothers record the more I like it. I was a bit on the fence before but it's charmed me.

Music Buffet:

Here are a couple of songs that I've been listening to a lot. Sample and enjoy.

Is That Blood by The Radar Brothers. Their record The Fallen Leaf Pages has been creeeping up my faves of 2005 list. I love this song. It's the chorus that gets me. So damn catchy.

Two Broken Hearts by Richmond Fontaine. These guys make sad sack broken hearted gambled my money away and my lady left me for my best friend Americana of the highest note. Last years Post To Wire really should've been on more Top 20 lists. Currently my favorite alt-country outfit along with Ox,

What the heck. One more from Richmond Fontaine: Post To Wire.

The Tailors are british but play Americana style music (Briticana?). They recall Tom Petty, Gram Parsons, early Richard Buckner. Good stuff. Try the many tracks on their site and Backslap Club.

Check out the clip for the forthcoming Flaming Lips documentary Fearless Freaks. Looks cool.

If I don't talk to ya enjoy the next 10 days. I'll see ya later.


Blogger Craig said...

have fun and thanks for the going away tunes

12:12 PM  
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