Tuesday, February 27, 2007

basically Modest Mouse...

I like Modest Mouse OK, my wife really likes them a lot. I enjoyed the last record even when "Float On" became as prevalent as Salvation Army bells around Christmas. I must say the new single from the upcoming We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank is kinda killer. In order for you to enjoy the clever and witty video that accompanies the song I'm linking to MTV's Subterranean Blog because they got it. I don't endorse MTV in general but I totally geeked on Subterranean when it was called 120 Minutes. In fact I think I'd have to cite 120 Minutes as a major influence in my youthful move away from Bruce Springsteen and Men At Work and towards Madness, The Specials, and Squirell Bait. OK, I've assuaged my misguided guilt to some degree. Now follow the link because the video has a maritime theme and I love the sea.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Broken Family Band...

The Broken Family Band are a group of cheeky brits doing their damnedest to tackle to uniquely American idiom of countrified rock. They do a pretty good job. Of course it's far from authentic, but the very notion of authentic in today's musically global world gets progressively more and more laughable with each passing day that I wonder why I even mentioned it. The Broken Family Band plays a brand of country rock very similar to what The Dying Californian does. It's a slight twang generously coated with indie rock guitars and a grand melody. There's nothing terribly ground breaking here, but when it's done well it's very satisfying. The video for the song "It's All Over" is an example of "done well". It's got the slow build to crashing crescendo, a slow tightening of tensions that's as good as a well executed hand job. The video itself is a pretty entertaining construct. The visuals are taken from a silent movie in which two complete strangers were asked to sit in a room and stare at each other without speaking for an hour.


Friday, February 23, 2007

Pink Nasty...

Sorry but I've beens skiing. Now I'm back all limbs in tact. Have you heard any of the new Pink Nasty Mold The Gold? Very good record. You'll be surprised. Here's something to watch and listen to:

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Pernice Video...

Super low budget for a great song.


Malajube got some critical love last year for their album Trompe-L'Oeil but never reached the buzzy heights of, say, Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene to name just two of the many Canadian bands that have been owning the indie scene during the last three years. It's too bad that Malajube hasn't gotten the same attention because they're easily as good if not better than many of the buzziest or the buzzy buzz buzz bands. Maybe it's because they sing in French. I know that probably puts off must indie rock kids like subtitles in movies put off 12 year olds. But give Malajube a listen and a chance and they'll blow your socks off. You'll find yourself thinking why didn't I hear about these guys last year? Oh wait they're not singing in English. That puts me off. It all makes sense now. But it's so good. I must continue to listen, put aside petty intellectual arguments about the need to understand the lyrics to get the full effect. Must get French to English dictionary.

Some videos from Malajube:

Montreal -40

Pate Filo

Fille a Plumes

Le Metronome

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Shipwreck, which is a fairly straight forward rock outfit that turns it up and shakes some ass at ya should not be confused with this band called Shipwreck who are, I'm sure, very nice young men and women but are Jesus obsessed and for a variety of reasons I just can't go there. I don't like the policies and couldn't work for that company. Anyway Shipwreck the secular. Now this band I can get behind: muscular guitar work, palpable passion, a little new wave kitsch, those mysterious elements that make rock and roll, it's all there. They're also keen on releasing lots of EPS, I like that, fits my attention span.

Lots of music from Shipwreck:

point yourself here for the complete list

A couple of highlights:

A Walk In The Woods


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Track A Tiger...

Ok, I think I'm more or less recovered from my bout with the plague. Appetite returning, strength back up, feeling human again. Very nice.

Today's catchy diddy comes via Track A Tiger which doesn't win point for best band name but does charm with a jangly indie rock sound that's sweetened up nicely with boy/girl harmonies. The band sounds very tight, very together, well rehearsed and in possession of some really good melodies. The songs make me think of Trembling Blue Stars and Slow Dazzle. This particular track, notable for the reverb laden guitar line, sounds like a touch of summer to me. Something we're all in need of at this mid-winter juncture.

Track A Tiger - All These Accidents

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Death has become me...

not really it just feels like it. I've been felled by some terrible bird/porcupine flu combo. Trust me it sucks. I don't ever get sick. I think the last time was like six years ago, which means I should amend my prior statement to "I only get sick every six years". But I do it right. Fever, chills, the whole nine yards. I think I'm getting better.

Now it's been both a blessing and a curse that my 7 year old daughter has been sick at the same time as me. I now have seen every episode of Spongebob Squarepants (that could construed as either a blessing or a curse), I actually like a show called Avatar, and may stick my foot in a garbage disposable in order to get out of ever watching another episode of Jimmy Neutron. One cool thing I did discover was a show called Jack's Big Music Show. It's a kids music show hosted by a couple of puppets (I think they're dogs) who sing catchy songs about their various predicaments and plans. Very entertaining. But the really cool thing are the short videos and guest stars the creators have throughout the show. Very catchy pop songs that make sick kids and dads happy. And then, get this, I find that Andrew Bird guested on the show as Dr. Stringz and performed one of the catchiest songs ever. Here it is:

Just fantastic. Makes me even hungrier for the new Bird record. Ok. That's about all I can manage.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Racing Paper Planes...

If Tract Records isn't on your radar you should really make it a habit to check the site regularly or to get on their email list. They've got a quality roster and do some pretty cool things with their 4 way split EPs that I mentioned a week or so ago. Much like Turn Records, another small label favorite, Tract Records is clearly in it to fight the good fight. By that I mean to champion music they believe in, create community, and hopefully break even.

Here's the latest singles from the folks at Tract:

Racing Paper Planes - In Company of Ghosts.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Oh My but it's just getting silly...

No tunes today. But some interesting things to think about.

Thing #1. Ok, so does anyone else think that perhaps the Boston Police Department has gone just a little bit over the top on the whole guerilla marketing campaign mistaken for a bomb thing? I suppose I understand on some level why it might cause a panic, but the official reaction to this whole thing is totally absurd. Some choice words: the stunt was "outrageous" (The Mayor), "unconscionable" (Police commissioner), "a product of corporate greed" (The Mayor again). But here's my personal favorite: from US Assistant Attorney General John Grossman, "Assistant Attorney General John Grossman called the light boards "bomblike" devices and said that if they had been explosive they could have damaged infrastructure and transportation in the city." Hey guess what John? My car could be a "bomb like" device except that it's not. So, John, what's a "bomblike" device? Maybe something with a battery and wires and lights? Uh oh, don't set down your PSP on the subway. And those blinky lights on bicycles? Fuck me you terrorist bikers, your evil reign must end right now.

Of course all this simply means that the guerilla marketing campaign was a huge fucking smashing success. Now everyone know what a Mooninite is and at least some of them will watch the show.

So the guys who put up the lighted Mooninites are being cited for "placing a hoax device that causes panic". Well, it wasn't a hoax and the people who caused the panic were our valued officials. It just goes to show you what a little creativity and imagination will get you these days. In other interesting news a Super Bowl advertiser has pulled their ad from the game broadcast due to the fact that they feared it might cause panic. The ad involved a simulated alien invasion. I'm just kidding.

In order to keep this thing music related you guys need to check out iConcertCal. It's an add on to iTunes that searches your music library, compares it to a concert touring schedule and then gives you a calendar of when bands in your iTunes will be playing in your town. Pretty cool.