Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Trouble With Sweeney

I love the jangly guitar pop. And The Trouble With Sweeney certainly fits that bill. As I understand it the boys are based in Philadelphia TTWS is the brainchild of singer-songwriter Joey Sweeney. They play sweet songs filled with smart guitar parts, piano, melody. Good Stuff. The newest member of TTWS is keyboardist Charlie Hall who was formerly rounding out the sound of Our Lady of the Highway who have been featured here before and are purveyors of absolutely great alt-pop-country shenanigans. It seems that TTWS is taking a short hiatus while Mr. Sweeney works on a solo records and generally recovers from what has been a hectic round of touring and promotion for their EP Fishtown Briefcase. The word "hiatus" is always so tricky. I mean how many bands have there been that have never returned from a brief "hiatus". If Sweeney has any luck with his solo record I think we'll see the dissolution of an excellent band. I'm sure he's hoping for a result (both critically and sales wise) opposite from, say, Rhett Miller who's dissappointing solo record The Instigator forced (?) him to reconsider his shot at the big time and return to the comfort of The Old 97s. Of course this is all idle speculation on my part.

By the way this song is taken from their first record Dear Life which is very good. "$500 A Day" was my first introduction to these guys. Enjoy.

$500 a Day