Saturday, April 16, 2005


Goldcard is an off shoot of the once fabulous band Pond. When
Pond broke up Charlie Campbell formed Pond while his former song writing partner Chris Brady went on to form the wonderous rock of Audio Learning Center. Goldcard is a quirky little record that vacillates between odd snippets and fully realized pop songs. It veers into disco and then returns to rock, leaps into piano interludes and then lunges back towards guitar driven "indie" rock. When Campbell hits his stride it's pretty damn good. I just can't always listen to the thing all the way through. I admit to hitting the skip button at certain points, though this is only to get to the really good songs. Forgive me.

2 songs from Goldcard:


Destroy And Recreate

Question: if you heard the metaphor "comes at you like an itchy petting zoo" what would you think? I like it but I can't decide if it gets my meaning across. All comments welcome.


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