Monday, April 04, 2005

A Little Centro...

I've posted about Will Johnson's various musical projects before on this here musical buffet. i've talked about his solo work, about the fabulous South San Gabriel and I've talked about his rock band Centro-Matic. Well, in the services of Junk Media I'll be interviewing Will this Friday. I'm looking forward to speaking with him because I've always been curious about how prolific songwriters decide how to designate which songs to which project. In preparing for the interview I pulled out some of my old Centro-matic discs that I haven't listened to in a while. I was struck in particular at how fresh The Static vs. The Strings vol. 1 still sounds years after I bought it. It's melodic and pretty while sounding slightly damaged and torn at the same time. I've now spent the last 3 days listening to only Static vs. Strings and The National's amazing Alligator which gets released on April 12th.

I really can't recommend The Static vs. The Strings vol. 1 enough, either as introduction to the band or for the someone who came to Centro-matic a little later.

2 songs from The Static vs. The Strings vol. 1:

Curb Your Turbulence

Say Something/95 Frowns


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