Thursday, April 07, 2005

Summer Hymns...

Summer Hymns make wonderful alt-country music. Mellow and loping with a lead singer that sounds like the guy in America. The music swirls and eddies and sometimes sounds like a carnival full of sad faced ponies. It's yet another fine record from Misra Records who also put out records by South San Gabriel and Centro-matic.

These songs move slowly, unwind in carefull tortured phrasing. On a day filled with unexpected rain that palls the looming presence of spring like a funeral procession driving through a child's chalk drawings these songs feel good.

Baby You're Not Bleeding

Trouble (my favorite)

Something's Going On


Blogger hackmuth said...

the second song off the first record (name currently escapes me) and the pete rose song off the newest record are Summer Hymns faves of mine.

9:51 AM  

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