Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm told that Soltero is a bit all over the map musically. I don't have enought experience with their records to confirm or deny that rumor. However, I can say that the record I do have The Tongues You Have Tied is a brilliantly quiet record full of introspective wit that I'd liken to M. Ward or Tim Easton though more urban (and much funnier in a very tongue in cheek way) than either of those guys. There's an interesting interview with them over at Junk Media. They're such unassuming cardigan wearing fellas. They have a new record called Hell Train which is much more pop/rock than the acoustic leaning The Tongues You Have Tied.

from The Tongues You Have Tied:

The Light Bulb Above Ypu

The Tongues You Have Tied

from Hell Train:

From The Station

Hands Up

Songs Of The Season

Couple of reviews I've got up at the moment if you feel like checking:

Okemah & Melody of Riot

Aw Come Aw Wry


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