Monday, July 10, 2006

Birds of Wales...

Yes, I'm back. I gotta tell ya, the San Juan Islands are some the most beautiful I've seen in this country. It's such an unusual blend of forest and ocean. Very dramatic views, lovely weather this time of year, some good mountain biking, sea kayaking, and some unbelievable food at Inn At Ship Bay. If you're ever in that neighborhood I can't recommend it enough.

My journey was done by car. The drive from San Francisco to the San Juan Islands is about 17 hours give or take a little. The nice thing about the drive is that I recently bought a new car and it came with the XM radio. It's a great time the killer the XM. There are some good stations playing music that I'm more or less unfamiliar with and this gave me a forced chance to get exposed to some new bands. One of the tracks that I heard a number of times and really kind of liked was "My Lady; in July" by a band called Birds of Wales. When I returned from the trip I did a little research and a little listening. Birds of Wales is very folk rock. I'd say they're a little slicker and more radio ready than what I usually like, but there are some fine moments and I still think "My Lady; In July" is a sweet pretty song in a near power ballad kind of way.

Some songs from Birds of Wales:

My Lady; In July

Fall Of The 49



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing an interest in Birds of Wales Peter! Lots going on with the band in the next few months- including a new album!

Thanks a lot!

12:55 AM  

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