Friday, September 23, 2005


Freakwater is back with a brand spanking new album. Thinking Of You is another fine dance by Ms. Bean and Ms. Irwin on the line between old time country and modernity. I must say that this record finds the girls in unusually good spirits. This may be deceptive as the music is more accesible than past albums but the lyrics are still full of drinkin' and death. While some may call me a heretic and blasphemer (I've been called worse) I think that Thinking Of You is just as good as Old Paint and may be even better in some ways. I mean you've gotta love the exuberant percussion of "So Strange" and the horn section that is, I swear, referencing "Crimson And Clover" on "Hi Ho Silver". It's a great album from two sweet singin' ladies who deserve a degree of popularity beyond the cult audience they currently have.

1 song from Thinking Of You:

So Strange

Random Thoughts:

The only thing wrong with In The Reins, the collaboration between Calexico and Iron & Wine, is that it's too short. Those are seven of the best songs I've heard this year.

The new Portastatic record is good. Don't argue with me. It just is.

In other news of old indie rock guys making good records: Tanglewood Numbers is still kicking my ass.

I still mean what I said about California Oranges. There hasn't been as good a power pop album in a very long time.

Have a good weekend.


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