Thursday, March 24, 2005


Another SF band that makes excellent music. Loquat plays a kind of dreamy brand of pop the echoes Saint Etienne, a little Stereolab, you know a little dance a little melody. Originally the band was just two people and they did a kind of trip-hop thing before adding a guitarist, real live drummer , bassist, and keyboardist. The resulting sound is a sweet blend of electronic and acoustic elements that cops from some classic 80's new wave beats but still sounds very "now". Kylee Swenson has a lovely voice as well. Their new album is called It's Yours To Keep and is available on SF's own ever present Jack Pine Social Club. The album comes out in April.

2 from the forthcoming It's Yours To Keep:

Take It Back

Slow, Fast, Wait & See


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I really like the Loquat. Thank you for posting!

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