Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oranger is Back...

and they've got a fine new album of melodic power pop full of hooks. The record is called New Comes And Goes. I'm going to obnoxiously lump this record in with a couple of other good ones thus far this year by Mazarin, California Oranges, and The National. New Comes And Goes is definitely more polished than Oranger's previous efforts. It's not like they've turned into Nada Surf or Coldplay but the production is crisper and there feels as though there's a certain bid for the next level type of thing in the air. That's not a knock as much as fact. The record's strong and don't think you can deny the fact that the band's songwriting is becoming first rate. Around my parts there's definitely a love 'em or hate 'em vibe with these guys. I'm falling on the side of loving right now but that's only because I'm a no good hippie (please know that I'm kidding about that).

2 songs from New Comes And Goes:


Radio Wave


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