Friday, February 04, 2005

The Baptist Generals...

Forgive the brevity of this post but I've just got no time. I'm leaving for Reno tomorrow to take in the Superbowl in an atmosphere that's not put off by my drunken shenanigans, but actually in a tacit way encourages them. So to that end I bring you a brief post from the The Baptist Generals. A subpop band that's yet to fulfill their potential but threatens to with the recording of their new record. They'll be laying down tracks in Dallas, Tx next month. They're connected pretty strongly with the whole Denton, Tx scene revolving around Centro-matic, Will Johnson, Mandarin, Matt Pence (producer), etc. So the indie cred is there. Hopefully my man Dave Douglas behind the tom toms will bring out their unfulfilled musical reckoning. We'll see. In the meantime here's a one song dose of The Baptist Generals country-folk leanings. The lead singers voice grows on you, I promise.

Going Back Song


Blogger bingsy said...

I liked the song a lot, very pretty.

4:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes this was a bit weird to start with but by the end I wanted to hear it again, it reminded my of the band recorded in a barrel of water dont think my work mates would appreciate it...they seem to prefer Mylo but hey this is the real deal jazzyhair

1:38 PM  

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